Sending bad habits up in smoke

We all have our little vices, I know I certainly do. Whether it’s spending a bit too much money or eating a bit too much cake (nom!) we all need a little bit of naughtiness in our lives.

I, over the years, have had many vices. I have what they call an addictive personality. If something takes my interest I can get a bit sidetracked, maybe even a touch obsessed. Most of the time it’s just a bit of fun, or constructive. Sometimes though, these bad habits can end up costing you more than a few quid.

I was a smoker from the age of 15. I don’t even remember why I started, but it ended up being a horrendously unhealthy and expensive habit.

My mum was also a smoker, she had smoked since her mid-20s and was known to utter to me on occurrence “I don’t inhale you know”.

As a teenager all my friend’s who smoked came over to my house because they could light up indoors, mum wouldn’t tell their parents and at the time, I thought it was pretty awesome.

The reality of smoking…

However in 2008 when my mum was 62 years old and I was just 22, she died from complications stemming from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, something that was caused completely by smoking. Since then it’s been an on and off battle for me to quit nicotine.

I’d tried patches, gum, cold turkey, even medication (which worked for a while but I ultimately ended up starting again), but really struggled with willpower. To me smoking was less about the nicotine hit and more about spacing my day out. Do a bit of work, reward myself with a cigarette, had a bit of lunch? Quick fag before I get back to work.

I managed to stop smoking before I found out I was expecting Mini Luxe and managed to stay completely smoke free until she was around 6/7 months old when Christmas reared it’s glittering head, and in the season of drinking and revelry it started again.

From smoker to vaper…


Mr Luxe like me struggled to kick the habit and one day decided to try vaping. I was a bit dubious, it seemed like a bit of a trendy thing to do and really didn’t appeal. But after trying his a few times, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go.

Vape Girl Jorg Schubert via Flickr

Vape Girl Jorg Schubert via Flickr

I picked up a cheap starter kit from my local shop (I should have bought a slightly better one but I was stood at the till deciding between it and a pack of 20) and some blueberry flavoured e-liquid. And since then, I’ve not turned back.

I’ve managed to successfully replace smoking with vaping and now completely prefer it. I don’t stink of fags anymore, I’ve got a lot more money to spend (And when I do spend it I get to pick nice flavours and cool mods for my vape unit) and I feel a lot more healthier. I’ve even upgraded to slightly better kit now I’m more serious.

Decisions, decisions…

It can be a tad overwhelming when deciding to make the switch. Even now I get a tad overwhelmed with terms like sub-ohms, mods, VG ratios etc.

The best thing to do is set a budget and get a starter kit. I use an eLeaf IJust Start+. It’s really simple, ladylike, has a good size tank (lasts me a full day), good battery life, and it even comes in Rose Gold.

Then the fun part, picking your flavours! There are so many yummy brands, types and finding the best e liquid uk, can be quite tough. I thought I’d like things that were desserty and creamy, but actually my preference tends to be more fruity flavours. Some of my current favourites are simple blueberry flavours, Strawberry Lemonade by Element E Liquid and Neon Cream E Liquid by The Lost Fog Collection. I’m always trying new flavours and there’s SO many to choose from. Mr Luxe loves minty flavours which I’m not so keen on.


All different flavours are available

Also, you can get it in different nicotine strengths. I personally, long-term smoker have to have a little bit of nicotine so usually go for a 0.3% or 0.6%, Mr Luxe however just likes to keep his hands busy has his in a straight 0%. This would be great except we can’t share our e liquids and juices! Doh!

Life changer…

The thing is, as much as it’s fun to try new flavours and experiment with different tastes and strengths, it’s done something much, much more important for me. It’s given me the chance to kick a horrendous habit that took my mum from me, and will mean that I can be a healthier and happier person for own daughter.

I can only hope with the changes that I’ve made she will have me attend her university graduation, get to see her on the day of her wedding and get to meet her children, all things that my own mum wasn’t able to do.


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored in part. All opinions are my own.

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