Time to take stock…

So, my little corner of cyberspace has been a bit unloved as of late… and I’m feeling really rather guilty.

When I left my full-time job and decided to stay at home, I never envisioned I would be as busy as I am now. It’s a great feeling to be in demand but it can certainly bring its own trials and tribulations.

The last couple of weeks have been off the scale busy. I’ve had deadlines coming out of my ears with projects, ad hoc things coming in left right and centre and a whole bundle of home life stuff to compute.

As you can imagine, blogging and this blog in particular sadly seems to be the victim of this increased activity and its made me sad.

Some of my endeavours, financially are quite sound and as long as my time spent is recouped that way I have no quibbles about undertaking them. In fact, I’m happy to take on more.

Keeping the balance…

However, a few of my projects, as much as I love them are starting to lose the balance between levels of enjoyment and financially viable.

When I’m running around on a Monday about chasing this, that and the other, inputting codes and asking for certain thing and not getting them, it makes me think… fuck this.


As the end of the year, and Christmas draws closer, I think it’s high time I take a step back and decide… at least for now… what I want my work priorities to be.

And this blog, whatever form it takes on, needs to be a priority. I love writing and I love finding out about the world and products, but I need to make sure I can do it, for myself, and in my own voice.


I recently had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with a very well known, award winning blogger. I thought I’d meet her and be insanely jealous of how well her blog does, traffic etc. The usual “Blogger Comparison Syndrome”.

The main thing I got from our encounter was a) what a bloody nice lady she is 🙂 and b) she’s worked bloody hard to get her blog to where it is.

Something I am more than capable of doing, if I make sure I give my focus where it needs to be.

And so…

Time to pull my head out of my arse and start refocusing on what I want to do.

Some of my projects I will undoubtedly keep doing, I love them and I work with some of my best friends in the real world which is a great way to keep in touch in our hectic lives.

Other, labour of love, projects that are becoming increasingly… time poor with my life I need to keep a check on and perhaps make some hard decisions at the end of the year. Set myself some financial goals and decide what my time is worth… I think one of them I’m currently operating on a rate of 20p an hour…. not great.

I think I have to come to understand that I’m never going to be a beauty blogger, a fashion blogger or a parenting blogger, I’m just going to be … a blogger.

In my life I do things, buy things, get sent things and I write about it. Maybe I’ll naturally find my groove after a while but until then just keep blogging away… maybe not as frequently as I had planned but ultimately thinking about what I want to do longterm.

D Xxx



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