How I beat my FOBA (Fear of Being Away)

Hi guys!
It’s been a while, I’ve had a lot of exciting projects going on that have sadly taken me away from the blogosphere. I’m now running a local website for families which has been absolutely amazing as it’s given me a great chance to get to know my local area even more.

I live in the city of Portsmouth and when people hear the name Portsmouth, they often assume it is a bit rough and ready. They think of sailors and students, usually the football club comes to mind as well.

However it’s a fantastic city to live in, particularly if you have kids. There’s over 100 parks, family friendly cafes and, the area I live in at least, a really low crime rate.

Over the summer though I started to get quite anxious. There were reports of burglaries in the area with people having intruders jump over their garden fences and break into their homes.


Having a young daughter at home and spending a lot of time out and about with my new role left me feeling anxious. How could I protect my home and family as best as possible without spending an absolute fortune?

Ensuring you keep everything locked

It sounds daft but I cannot count the amount of times I’ve nipped up to get something from upstairs and left my conservatory unlocked. Simple things like making sure windows are closed as well. Now I make a point of locking the conservatory every time I leave the room. This means any chancers have two locked doors before they can even reach my house. Simple but effective.

Setting Up Timers

Whenever we go away we have set up timers on our lights, this makes it look like we’re in the house and in some of the rooms. Even if we’re just nipping out for the evening we make a point of leaving lights on.

Getting to know our neighbours

It’s a sad state of affairs that the average Brit no longer knows their neighbours. When we moved in we were fortunate enough that Mr Luxe had grown up in the area and we knew a few people already. By speaking and getting to know our neighbours we have the reassurance that if someone did see anything unusual they would report it. Thanks neighbours 🙂

Using social media carefully

I know it’s tempting when you go on holiday to tag yourself at the airport, sipping cocktails on a beach and generally having a good time. Sadly though, particularly if your privacy settings aren’t high on Facebook etc, this can be a calling card for intruders.

Knowing that the house is empty and you’ve tagged yourself previously at “Home Sweet Home” not only makes you a target but also can invalidate your insurance. Save the snaps and share them when you get home to your nice, secure house.

Don’t leave valuables in view


We’ve recently had these swishy new shutters installed. They are perfect for letting the light in and keeping prying eyes out. We never even have to shut them like you would curtains. This plus never leaving my laptop, handbag or any other valuables in plain sight dissuades any potential burglars from targeting your house. Same as not leaving valuables in the car. If there’s no easy win, they probably won’t target you.

Thinking about installing a security system

My father in law has one of the old school security systems. Full motion beams, box alarm on the front of the house, telephone alert system. This was great a few years ago and it does still work very well, but in this modern age you can get security systems that are a lot cheaper and just as effective. You can even have it sent to your Smart Phone!

One such device is by Panasonic. They have a system connected to a hub in your home. Their system starts at just £129.99 for the basic set up and then you can buy additional Panasonic motion sensors for just £35.99. This sends an alert to your smart phone if motion is detected, and sets of an alarm and siren. You can even set it so it turns ALL of your devices on and freaks the intruder out. The low cost point means you can kit your whole house out for less than a traditional  security system. You can connect up to 50 of these motion sensors to your hub as well, so even if you live in a huge house you can streamline the lot.

The added bonus? They can also be used to automate your home. You can create a network so your music plays as you enter a room, or your lamps switch on and off as you come and go. Pretty cool!

So, now when I go out I don’t suffer any more Fear of Being Away. In fact, I can’t get out the house fast enough sometimes! Your home is your castle and you should do whatever you can to protect it for you and your family.


DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored in part, all opinions are my own.

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