Tangle Teezer hair brush set

Tangles Be Gone – Holy Grail Product

Hey everybody! Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, especially after banging on about consistency and sticking to schedules when blogging. Woops!

It was Mini Luxe’s first birthday last week and I had a lot of work beforehand so my planned posts didn’t get written in time and, as I’m sure you would agree, spending the time celebrating such an important milestone took precedence.

With this in mind, and because I’m starting to get quite busy, I have taken the decision to amend my posting schedule for the time being. From now on I’ll be posting twice a week. Once on Wednesday and once on Sunday. This means I’ll be able to concentrate on giving great content and not rushing around attempting to post when I have other work to do.

NOW! Onto the post!

I know, like many other beauty bloggers out there, that there are certain products you just can’t live without.

For many it’s a skincare product, for others it’s particular brushes and tools, sometimes it’s an entire brand.

I have a number of holy grail products that I personally could not function without and will be bringing you a range of these on my blog.

This week we’re talking hair, and more specifically, tangles.

I’ve always had monstrously thick hair. From a young age I was constantly battling knots. I once even got a barrel brush stuck in my hair at age 3 and rather than tell my mum, I cut it out with nail scissors. My mum was very pleased. Not.

Since becoming a mum myself, it’s got a lot worse for a number of factors. When you become pregnant the hormones that are involved in pregnancy prevent your hair from shedding naturally. This is often the case when people say they had a lovely, luxurious mane whilst expecting but for me it just became a matted, bedraggled mess.

When your baby is born as well, a few weeks postpartum it all starts to fall out. You find it absolutely everywhere and panic that you are going to end up bald. It’s quite terrifying even when you know exactly what it is.

Tangle Teezer hair brush

Plus, new baby + getting shit done, doesn’t exactly always go to plan. Often after a busy day you’ll suddenly remember that you haven’t showered or brushed your hair. No matter how organised you are, this is very much the reality.

This is where the Tangle Teezer really came into it’s own for me. I’m a low-maintenance kinda girl when it comes to my hair. I don’t fuss too much and I struggle (as it’s very long) to style it. Babies also pull hair so I often just sweep it up into a top knot or ponytail and get on with the day.

I’ve had, what can only be described as, mega hairballs that have worked themselves into their hair. Some SO bad that I had to realistically think about cutting all my hair off. I’ve got an arsenal of leave in conditioners, tangle sprays and all sorts.

But, my trusty Tangle Teezer has always managed to come through for me.

If I sit down and section my hair off I can gently, and relatively painlessly, remove the worst of tangles from my hair. I work from the bottom and move up, piece by piece. I still lose a lot of hair, this is inevitable, but I do have a LOT to spare so it’s not noticeable.

One of the other great things about the Tangle Teezer is that it can be used on wet hair. This is BRILLIANT for me because again, not a lot of time and normal brushing when hair is wet can cause it to stretch, snap and weaken. One VERY important point though, due to the fine nature of the bristles on the brush you must not use this while blow drying.

I carry one in my handbag at all times and have one in my bedroom. The one in my bag is a travel size which comes with a special cover so prevent the brush getting damage in transit. They are also ergonomically shaped to your hand so you can get as close to the hair and roots as possible without pain.

Tangle Teezer hair brush set

They come in a range of colours and styles, and even have a Magic Flowerpot which is great for kids hair. Prices start at £10.60 and gift sets are available.

One great place to get them from is Beauty Expert. Not only do they cover a HUGE range but also offer free delivery! So you can be tangle free for less.

What are your holy grail items? Have you tried Tangle Teezers? Have you tried any alternatives?


Note: This article contains affiliate links. All opinions are honest and my own. Honestly, these things are AMAZING.



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