Seven Things I’ve Learned in Twelve Months Of Motherhood

As you can probably tell I’ve been a little quiet this week. Amongst the usual chaos and business of being a work from home mum I’ve also had my daughter’s first birthday this week.

It’s been a truly humbling week to realise that she was born a whole year ago. It’s also got me to thinking amongst the present wrapping, card reading and aquarium trips about how I’ve changed as a person.

When they say motherhood changes you, they aren’t kidding. I would say the majority of it is for the better and maybe, some of it, not so much.

So, here are seven things that I have learned in twelve months of motherhood. Hope you still like me afterwards!

  1. My Ability For Lack Of Sleep Is Unprecedented

I’m not going to lie, there were points I Googled “Can I die from lack of sleep?” but ultimately I’ve survived. We seem to be getting to the point now where she is starting to sleep through but even now I’m still waking up, ready to go.

2. All The Stuff You Buy, 95% Won’t Get Used

That bouncer chair, never got used, that cot blanket, didn’t get used, those black and white sensory flash cards, didn’t get used….you get the idea. Save your money and buy stuff that will last.

3. Becoming A Parent, You Will Be Judged Constantly

Everything you do as a parent becomes a minefield. From feeding, to sleeping, to using a routine, do you sleep train? Whatever you say it is wrong, and even if you follow the guidelines from the NHS for example, the older generation will often tell you this is wrong. Expect plenty of “In my day..” and “It never did X any harm”. So much facepalming and tongue biting has been done in the last twelve months.

4. Becoming A Parent Will Make You Judgemental As F***

I’m not proud of it but since having Mini Luxe I have suddenly got an opinion on everything. I often think a lot of what I do is superior and have to keep myself in check from turning into an annoying arrogant prat. I don’t mean to do it but I think it’s just a natural parenting instinct that kicks in.

5. Every Baby Is Different And Every Family Will Have Its Own Challenges

For us the traditional things that are tricky for most were ok. Things like weaning and breastfeeding we have never had any issues with and although still difficult and tiring at times were always manageable. Sleeping became an issue at about four months and whilst other mums were boasting at how their baby slept through from day dot, me and my mum friend in a similar boat would sit and smile, whilst secretly staring daggers internally.

However on the other side of the coin these were people who probably did the same thing when we talked about how well our kids took to solids, how they learnt to crawl before the other babies and looked at us with envy as they struggled to feed at the beginning before switching. Everybody has their own things to deal with.

6. Banana Is The Worst Stain In The World

Literally… won’t….come …out…

7. You Come Out With EVERY Cliche Under The Sun

Finally, there truly isn’t anything better than becoming a parent. It’s bloody hard work but it’s so rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

See you guys next week! We’re celebrating this weekend 🙂





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