June Goals and May Goals Update

June Goals and May Goals Update

This goal setting malarkey is intense. Every time I manage to complete something another three things come my way. And whilst I’m enjoying being busy it’s coming to my attention exactly what my next focuses need to be.

So without further ado, here are the things that I hope to achieve this June! I’m keeping it a lot more simple this month as I have a lot going on! 🙂

  • Get to 500 Twitter followers in June
  • Continue with current posting schedule
  • Spend an hour a week learning about SEO and technical aspects
  • Hit 500 views on SoNotLuxe.com


  • Throw an amazing birthday party for Mini Luxe on the 11th!


  • Work out a schedule for the week and a daily schedule too
  • Find and use a time management app
  • Earn my first £1,000

And here’s is how I got on with my June goals. I didn’t achieve all of them, but really excelled in some. All in all, May was VERY successful 🙂



  • Write and schedule three posts a week for Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. 
  • Try and be at least two posts ahead at all times.
  • Put together a notebook of at least 50 ideas for posts in May.
  • Get my Twitter followers to 150 by the end of May.
  • Work out Bloglovin’ and get 25 followers by the end of May.
  • Practice taking photos with my iPhone and play with different compositions.
  • Comment on and read at least two new blogs a day.


  • Get Mini Luxe to try a new vegetable or fruit every other day for May.
  • Sort out my horrendous amount of clothes I don’t wear anymore. Bag up, bin, ebay and charity.
  • Clean my make up brushes.
  • Get the home office up to scratch
  • Take Puppy Luxe for an hour long walk to the park each weekend (Worth pointing out here that Puppy Luxe is a French Bulldog and old so he doesn’t need a lot of exercise. Don’t worry I’m not being cruel with shorter walks in the week :))


  • Try and do the whole month’s food shopping for £150.
  • Sign up to be self employed.
  • Earn my first £100 as a freelancer.
  • Set up two meetings or calls a week about writing opportunities.


  • Look into whatever the hell a bullet journal is.

What are you hoping to achieve for June? Any big projects on? How do you manage your time?


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