May Favourites Post sonotluxe

May Favourites

It’s June, which means that Summer is pretty much here. Hooray!

Whilst we have been blessed with a couple of gorgeous days it still seems a bit far from the sundrenched, pub garden, rose drinking days we know and love about the season.

With the beginning of the month means that I take a look back at the previous month and see what things have been floating my boat.

May Favourites So Not Luxe

It’s been a busy month without much glam stuff, so my monthly favourites are small this time.

Freedom Pro Studio Glyclic Glow Tonic – £6.00 – Superdrug

It’s so easy to let skincare slide when you’re busy. This was a recommendation on a Facebook beauty group and I have to say I’m really impressed. It smells quite nice, I think that is the ginseng in particular, but it really does get the dirt and impurities from my face.

I find with toners they have a tendency to be either super effective but drying or just ineffective. This is neither and for £6, it’s a very reasonable product.

Rimmel Scandaleyes – £5.49 – Boots

This actually has pretty pants write ups online but I’ve personally been super impressed. I’ve always tended to stick to my basic kohl pencils and my MAC Graphblack auto-pencil. Felt tips, in my experience, tend to come off looking a tad grey.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Felt Tip Liner

This one however I found easy to apply, precise and a formula that stays on. It’s waterproof but I found it relatively easy to take off at the end of the day.

Eyeliner is my staple. No matter what I feel naked without it and I am very particular about what ones I use. This is a thumbs up in my book.


Matriskin Technology – Collagen Serum MP – $157 – Matriskin Website

It pains me to say it but I can certainly tell I’m getting older. My skin is good but I can start to see tell tale signs of tiredness. I received a sample size of this Collagen Serum in a subscription box. I’ve never been overly into my skincare, despite its importance, so I never really looked at it twice.

After a particularly long day and night with Mini Luxe I thought, why not give it a try. My skin instantly felt better. It’s never going to make me look 19 again but it certainly made a difference to the way I felt. Easily absorbed, you rub half a pipette full on your face and neck and then apply moisturiser. I have to say though, I personally wouldn’t repurchase for two reasons. Number one it’s REALLY expensive. About £130 per bottle which is WAY out of my comfort zone and budget. Secondly, it seems to be impossible to buy in the UK. All the links I found were for the US. More’s the pity, but I’ll be investigating more into collagen serums moving forward.


L’Oreal Paris Privee Color Riche Lipstick Eva’s Nude – £6.99 – Superdrug

FullSizeRender (3)

I’ve been trying to get into my nude lipsticks at the moment. I’ve always felt that nudes vanish on my face or are not well matched. I was picking up a few bits and had a 3 for 2 offer, so I grabbed this and I was not disappointed. Because this was designed with Eva Longoria, it’s a great way to tell how the colour will matched based on colouring. Although I’m not exactly the same as Eva, I too have olive skin, brown hair and brown eyes. There also just enough shimmer to make it a little bit more 3D when you wear it. Really been enjoying this shade.

Wunderlist iPhone App – Free from the App Store

Wunderlist iPhone App

If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll probably have seen my manic tweets of excitement and pure terror. Things are starting to really pick up for me on a professional level both on my blog and my other projects.

Working from home and running your own enterprises is a bit daunting and can be hard to juggle sometimes. Off the top of my head, right now, I have around eight things I need to be doing RIGHT NOW, eek! This is where my new app Wunderlist is coming into it’s own.

I like to write To Do lists but I need to be organised. My usual “on the back of an envelope” is not cutting it anymore. I’m splitting between working downstairs whilst my daughter is awake to my home office and I end up leaving notepads strewn around the house. I’ve never really got on with the normal Apple To-Do list apps either and find them hard to navigate.

This app I actually spotted on Fleur De Force’s Vlog channel and it’s simple but works SO well. Create a list, do the task, tick it off, receive very rewarding chiming noise. It’s so simple but I’m finding it really works for me.

And on that note, I better go get some work done!

What are you loving this month? Have you tried any of these things? What do you find helps your productivity?



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