My Matte Match – Avon TrueColour Perfectly Matte Lipstick

I truly thought that this post wouldn’t get up today. From the moment the day started I have been losing a battle of time keeping with my Mini Me. She usually naps pretty consistently but today, not so much….

But, it’s still Tuesday and I’ve been swatching like a mad woman to bring this to you.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve dabbled occasionally in selling Avon cosmetics. Ultimately the selling side of it wasn’t for me (I’m a good salesperson but wandering aimlessly stuffing booklets in doors just isn’t my thang. No matter how much lipstick you get it’s not going to make it exciting) but some of their products are brilliant.

One of their hugest launches in 2016 has been their Perfectly Matte Lipsticks. “More Matte Than MAC” they’ve claimed and done lots of testing to back it up. You can read this here.

So rather than another a review I thought I would order the samples and swatch every single one of these 20 bad boys for you. Added bonus is I will get to try some colours very much out of my comfort zone.

Avon TrueColour Perfectly Matte Lipsticks in Absolute Coral Wild Cherry Peach Flatters Ruby Kiss Pure Pink

From LEFT to RIGHT, Absolute Coral, Wild Cherry, Peach Flatters, Ruby Kiss, Pure Pink

They apply pretty well and aren’t overly drying. Their scent is driving me mad though, in a good way. It smells like a sweet from my childhood! I want to say Gummy Bears but the ones that were based on the cartoon show. Either way it’s a candy scent that I quite like.

My lips felt quite soft and even moisturised to a degree, whilst wearing it. They transfer which is to be expected and don’t do it anymore than a MAC or alternative brand.

Avon TrueColour Perfect Matte Vibrant Melon Marvellous Mocha Hot Plum Perfectly Nude Splendidly Fuschia

From LEFT to RIGHT Vibrant Melon, Marvellous Mocha, Hot Plum, Perfectly Nude, Splendidly Fuchsia

I’m a big fan of vibrant lipsticks and I have many in my collection. There are some colours that I just wouldn’t have picked up from the get go. The nude colours in particular scare the pants off of me and the Marvellous Mocha is well out of my “safety zone”. Because I was able to pick these up as samples though I’m definitely more inclined to give them a whirl.


TrueColour Perfect Matte Lipsticks in From LEFT to RIGHT Mauve Matters, Ravishing Rose, Adoring Love, Au Naturale, Electric Pink

From LEFT to RIGHT Mauve Matters, Ravishing Rose, Adoring Love, Au Naturale, Electric Pink

Some of the shades, to my untrained eye look a bit “samey” and although there are stand out colours they don’t have the diversity of some of the more indie brands like JS, LimeCrime etc. But then often with Avon a lot of customers are of the older demographic and although much is being done to promote them to the Millenials you can’t scare the Blue Rinse Brigade too much 🙂


Avon TrueColour Perfect Matte Lipstick From LEFT to RIGHT Posh Petal, Coral Fever, Red Supreme, Ideal Lilac, Superb Wine

From LEFT to RIGHT Posh Petal, Coral Fever, Red Supreme, Ideal Lilac, Superb Wine

The quality is certainly there, and one of the beauties of Avon is their “no-question” 28 day guarantee. You buy a lipstick, you hate the colour after trying, you can send it back for a full refund.

All in all, I’ve been impressed with my first impressions. There may have been a touch of an overwhelmed feeling (20 colours after all!) but I look forward to trying them out…I’ve GOT to be honest though. More often than not, I don’t buy MAC because it’s the “most matte lipstick” but because it’s MAC and I like the experience of buying it…. I’m so shallow!

These are available from your local AVON representative or via Avon’s online website. Prices can fluctuate based on campaign.

All samples were purchased by myself.


4 thoughts on “My Matte Match – Avon TrueColour Perfectly Matte Lipstick

    • sonotluxe says:

      The quality is pretty good. I think they can be a tad late to the party with some stuff (just launched a contour kit) and some of the names can be a tad cringe but, that money back guarantee gives you a lot of play and flexibility when testing colours etc xxx

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