Dia de los muertos Makeup Revolution palette eyeshadow matte shimmer

Revolution Dia de los Muertos Palette Review

Palettes are amazing. Not only are they often extraordinarily good value and handy for travel, they often take you out of your comfort zone. Allowing you try out colours and shades you wouldn’t necessarily commit to if sold as a single.

Often these palettes become cult products, case in point the Urban Decay Naked range.

I have a number of palettes in my collection from Urban Decay to NARS, Sleek and Barry M.

Dia de los muertos Makeup Revolution palette eyeshadow matte shimmer

On a recent trip to Superdrug I came upon the Revolution stand and, having heard brilliant things about them, I purchased one of their £4 Salvation palettes in Dia de los Muertos. A mix of 18 shades (12 shimmers and 6 matte). The colours range from the neutral to the exotic (bright neon yellow!) The palette itself is perfect for travelling or your handbag and comes with a HUGE mirror, and a good quality one at that. Also included is a double ended sponge applicator, but we won’t talk about that 😛 The graphic of a sugar skull on the front of the box really caught my eye but sadly this isn’t replicated on the palette itself (sob).

There are a number of shades in here that I personally would never pick up. I have always been extremely experimental with my eyeshadow and love creating looks with some out there colours. However the neon pink and neon yellow are two I just wouldn’t pick up. Back in 2007/2008(?) MAC released some super neon pigments which I purchased but I just couldn’t get on with them and thus have shied away since.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Dia de los Muertos colours

In terms of application the colour is buildable but it’s not as “super-pigmented” as I was expecting based on the text on the packaging. If you swatch with your fingers you get an amazing colour pay-off but when applying to your lids or swatching on my arm, you just don’t get the same colour transfer.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Dia de los Muertos colours

The neutral and more shimmer tones are lovely and shimmery but ended up being completely sheer when I swatched them on my arm. These however would work really well over a cream base and would stick quite well to it.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Dia de los Muertos colours swatch

The mattes and the neons though I did not get on with. The yellow in particular I found very chalky in consistency and crumbly when applied. It stuck to my arm hair and when blended just left a slightly powdery jaundiced look. In the palette’s defence though I am probably not the right skin tone to be pulling off neon yellow as my olive skin often cancels out the colouration.

If I had paid £10+ for this palette I would probably have been disappointed. I don’t know whether I’ve been spoilt with formulations from my mid to high-end ranges such as MAC and NARS but the instant gratification when applying just wasn’t there for me.

But that’s the thing, it wasn’t £10+ . It was a mere £4. It’s the price of a blinking Starbucks coffee! How can you argue with that?

I think I personally would purchase other palettes from the range, I may not necessarily repurchase this partially due to the colour selection and how frequently I use it. I think, as a palette, it would be a good accent/support palette to my other ranges. Some of the shimmers and the darker tones are good quality and very buildable. It’s not going to be a holy grail product but at pocket money prices and lovely packaging you can’t complain.  Maybe just get rid of the silly applicator please! 🙂

Have you tried any of the palettes from Makeup Revolution? Did you like them? Do you recommend any? 


3 thoughts on “Revolution Dia de los Muertos Palette Review

    • sonotluxe says:

      Thanks! I’m big on honesty and would hate to go and buy something based on a gushing review that wasn’t honest. Plus even when it comes to the brands themselves they’re constantly assessing and monitoring feedback and it can only help them to make even better products in the future! 😁 the cost of the Revolution brand (and their sister company Freedom) is SO reasonable you can afford to experiment a bit. Xxx


  1. coraliejade says:

    I’ve just done a blog post about Makeup Revolution’s eyebrow palette and their eye shadow palette essential mattes 2 (check them out if you like!) I love them! They’re a great budget brand, great alternatives to more expensive brand like the naked palettes!x


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