The Beauty Blogger Tag

Ooooh I LOVE a good tagging post! I was kindly nominated by fellow blogger Forever Kimberley and it’s all about beauty… my favourite!

1. What inspires your night out makeup?

I would like to say I look at fashion and style or people that I admire. Mostly it’s a case of colours I fancy on the day itself. I like playing with different palettes as well and will Google for different ideas when using them.

2. Who taught you in the beginning to apply makeup?

I’m completely self taught, with recent influence from YouTube and blogs. My mum was never really a big make up wearer and when I was a teenager most people were layering on as much glitter gel and blue eyeshadow as possible. I’m by no means a pro and I can’t cut crease to save my life but I always get compliments on my make up.

3. How strict is your skincare regime, if any?

Oh it’s not. I have an eleven month old baby so if I’m not covered in crumbs my day is winning. I like the idea of fresh and natural products from Lush but I never get the results I want from them. I have to be careful with my skin care and change it regularly because it will switch from oily to combination to dry after using a certain product.

4. What is your favourite blogging achievement to date?

Tricky one, I am still quite new at blogging nowadays. I have to say, quite simply, that people have read my blog! Also I freelance and I didn’t feel embarrassed to send a link to a potential client. That was a big achievement for me!

5. How often do you wash your makeup brushes, be honest?

Ummmm, not as often as I should. In my defence though, despite being a beauty blogger and beauty obsessive I often don’t wear a lot of make up. I do have the Revolution brush bath and MAC brush washer with them and will give them a good scrub every so often.

6. What is your best beauty trick/hack?

Lipcote is absolutely my godsend. I love a strong lip and this simple bottle keeps it stuck on and not over everything.

7. Are there any cons to being a beauty blogger?

The cost. I’m a stay at home mum and money is tight. I do some freelance work but I don’t make the mega bucks I used to. Everybody always seems to be buying a £60 palette and reviewing it and often it can e difficult to keep up with the latest products.

8. What is your favorite go to red lipstick?

Hands down Russian Red by MAC. I never really got on with Ruby Woo. The blue tone makes it a lot more wearable for me and less “Spanish Whore” as my mother used to say when I wore red.

9. If you were stuck somewhere without your own makeup, what 3 items would you request?

Decent black eyeliner, I don’t feel human without a lick of eyeliner on.

BB cream with SPF so I can at least even out my complexion and have some protection

A bright nailpolish, preferably Essie or OPI as I find their formulation most withstanding

10. What’s the major difference between your day and night makeup look?

Night make up is always dramatic for me. I like a lot of definition either on my eyes or lips. Day is always a bit more muted and a little less heavy on the foundation etc.

 So, that’s my answers. As defined by my whole blog not uber glamourous but practical nonetheless! 

 Here are my ten questions for my tagged ladies!

1.) Lips or eyes? Which is your favourite to experiment with?

2) Biggest beauty sin?

3)” I’d never be without my …”

4) Worst make up purchase ever?

5) Contouring queen or contouring criminal?

6) If you had a nailpolish named after your life, what would it be called and what colour would it be?

7) Strangest beauty hack?

8) Use a bad foundation brush or use your fingers?

9) First piece of makeup you ever bought?

10) Never meet your idol or meet your idol without any make up on?

Here are my 3 tagged lovelies.


New Found Blogger Anna at Skinporium

Youtube Fave Kelly at Ms Kelly Makeup

Fellow lipstick fiend! HannahKimberley 

And if you’re reading this as well! Would love to hear yours!


2 thoughts on “The Beauty Blogger Tag

  1. Kimberley says:

    I love it, fabulous answers!! Ditton on the skincare, Oscar has an obsession with kisses, wet snotty kisses on any flesh I might have showing! Oh the joys of 1 year olds 🙂 . xx


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