Beauty sleep? Pah!  

I am currently sat in my daughter's bedroom. It is 3am Friday morning and she is currently gnawing some sort of multicoloured key set.  I am very, very tired.  I knew babies were notorious for not sleeping but according to *them*(disembodied collection of nonsense that I've gleaned from cereal packets and suchlike) it's not meant … Continue reading Beauty sleep? Pah!  


I will never be a “Yummy Mummy”

I am not a glamorous person. I have always wanted to BE a glamorous person. I've ATTEMPTED to be a glamorous person. It's never quite panned out that way. I've got drawers full of cosmetics, have watched hours of YouTube make up tutorials, I know my pomade from my primer. Nowadays though it's still not really happening. … Continue reading I will never be a “Yummy Mummy”