Sending bad habits up in smoke

We all have our little vices, I know I certainly do. Whether it's spending a bit too much money or eating a bit too much cake (nom!) we all need a little bit of naughtiness in our lives. I, over the years, have had many vices. I have what they call an addictive personality. If … Continue reading Sending bad habits up in smoke


Five jobs I’d love to do (but I’d be really shit at)

With all this talk of work and career, it's got me to thinking about what other jobs I'd love to do... and then realising why I'd be really crap at them. I've always wanted to write, and to be honest I'm kind of getting away with it doing it as a job right now, so … Continue reading Five jobs I’d love to do (but I’d be really shit at)

May Favourites Post sonotluxe

May Favourites

It's June, which means that Summer is pretty much here. Hooray! Whilst we have been blessed with a couple of gorgeous days it still seems a bit far from the sundrenched, pub garden, rose drinking days we know and love about the season. With the beginning of the month means that I take a look … Continue reading May Favourites